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Ticket/Wristband Questions

How much are wristbands?

We have a few options for the day:

ALL XLR8 performers: £5.00 per wristband - this also includes a FREE facepaint OR Festival Glitter session on the day

Under 4's: FREE (still need a wristband) - Please ensure you enter promocode: XLR8UNDER4S and checkout

General Admission: £7.00

Family Ticket - 4 People: £20.00 (XLR8 performers can be included on this ticket)

General Admission on the day: £8.00 on the door - tickets are not guarenteed to be available on the door as we are expecting a large number of attendees - we had over 1200 attendees last year. We recommend purchasing in advance so you're not disappointed.

Your wristband is valid for the whole day

How do I reserve & purchase my XLR8 FEST wristbands?
How many wristbands can I purchase?

As many as you like ...GET ORDERING!

How do I pay for wristbands and when will I receive them?

You can pay for your wristbands via:

Card payment online - through your online order

Bank Transfer: 13379868 / 30-99-21 / Miss L Davies (Manual payment)

Please use Reference: XF20yourname


Correct Cash given directly to your XLR8 Dance, Cheer ot Drama teacher (Manual payment)

Wristbands will be handed out in your childs XLR8 class once FULL payment has been received 

If you are purhcasing a ticket as a member of the public you MUST give your reference number and name as proof at the door on the day of the festival to receive your wristbands

No Wristband, No Entry!

Can I purchase a wristband on the day/at the door?

Providing we haven't sold out then yes you can.

These will be priced at £8.00 for everyone (under 4's will still be free).

We recommend purchasing your wristbands before the event day to ensure you don't miss out. Especially if you're performing - we need to know you're attending the event!

Check out our range of wristband options HERE

I have a small child (Under 4) do they need a wristband for the festival?

Yes, everyone attending the festival will need a wristband.

But good news, under 4's are FREE!

Wristbands have been priced at 1p online - please ensure you enter proocode: XLR8UNDER4'S at the checkout to remove 1p charge.

Order your wristbands HERE

I've purchased wristbands but now cannot attend on the day, can I have a refund OR give them to someone else?

Unfortunately once you have purchased your wristbands for XLR8 FEST we cannot offer a refund.

You are welcome to give them to someone else but please inform us if you are doing this.

XLR8 Festival Day Questions

What is the date, time & address for XLR8 FEST?

Date: Sunday 26th April 2020

Time: 12pm-3pm (Stall and Organisers set up from 9am)

Venue Address: St. Albans Girls School, Sandridgebury Lane, St. Albans, AL3 6DB

Do you have a theme for the festival?

Yes we do! It's Back to the 90's! So dig out those neon outfits and glow sticks!

Can I drop my child off at the festival for the day and collect them later?


This is a family event with responsibilty of all XLR8 PERFORMANCERS lying with the parents/guardians.

Children cannot attend the festival on their own or without an adult.

No one working with or for XLR8 will be taking responsiblty of children on the day.

Who will be responsible for my child at XLR8 FEST?

All children MUST be supervised by a parent/responsible adult of the child for the whole day.

At NO POINT will children be left on their own or arrive at the festival without an adult.

XLR8 will not be responsible for any children during the day.

When your child is due to perform on the stage; a call out will be made by our DJ for their class.

You and your child must make your way to the stage area ASAP where your child will be ticked off our register list and asked to climb onto the stage.

Once the performance has finished your child will return straight back to you


Is there space to park at the Festival venue?

The venue is a secondary school which has a school carpark with marked bays.

Spaces are limited but there are also local roads to park on - please park considerately and respect the residents of the area if parking on the road.

Local roads include: Green Lane, Sandridgebury Lane, Old Harpenden Road, New Greens Avenue, High Oaks, Francis Avenue.

There will be parking signs and attendents to guide you on the day. Please respect them and follow their guidance.


Please note, parking is at your own risk. XLR8 do not accept any responsibilty for damage to vehicles 

Do I have to attend XLR8 FEST for the full day 12pm-3pm?

Although you do not have to attend for the full day we highly recommend you do as we have plenty of activites and performances taking place and maybe even a few little surpises up our sleeves...

Our XLR8 performers love performing to big, smiling audiences so please come show your support to see how hard they've worked!

If you are an XLR8 Performer at the festival then please ensure you are at least there for your 1 hour timelsot - CLICK HERE for your designated tiemeslot.

Who will be at the event?

All our fantastic XLR8 teachers will be there to greet you and help with your performances plus all our performers and their parents.

We'll also have our stall holder and brilliant helpers

It's going to be a fun filled day and we can't wait to see you all!

What will the day consist off?

Our main event for the day will be our XLR8 PERFROMANCES!

We will also have a Raffle - you can purchase your raffle tickets on the day - we have some INCREDIBLE PRIZES TO GIVE AWAY!

We have activity stalls

Craft stalls


Fair ground rides

Food and Beverage stalls - including alocoholic beverages

Music playing all day from our DJ (DJ-Ing)

Dance competitions to enter

and much much more....!

What stalls and activities will be at the event?

We have a HUGE and VARIED range of stalls and activities throughout the day. Ths will be at an additional cost so please bring your pennies with you!

We're still in the process of taking on more stall holders so do please get in touch if you'd like to be involved in the day!

How much money should we bring for activities?

This is totally up to you.

Most of our stalls and activities are run by outside companies so they will be setting their prices  

Can I bring my dog?

Friendly, trained dogs are of course welcome to our event, they're part of the family!...of course they won't be expected to wear or purchase a wristband.

Please be aware that they must be kept on a lead AT ALL TIMES!

You are responsible for keeping your dog hydrated during the day and for clearing up and disposing of ALL dog mess

If any of these rules are breeched you will be asked to leave the site with immediate effect

What toilet facilities are available on the day?

There will be a small number of toilet and baby change facilities available to use within the school on the event day

Signs will guide you to these on the day

I'm a spectator, what should we bring?

Your performing child (of course!)

Money for stalls, our raffle and activites. We have a range of things throughout the day including a bar, food stalls, snacks, crafts, homewares, baby items, cakes, raffle tickets, go karts and much much more!

Your best singing voices and most AMAZING dance moves....we may even have a dance comp for the parents...!

Banners and flags are MORE THAN WELCOME! We can't wait to see them.

Camping chairs are welcome

Small picnics are welcome but unfortunely BBQ'S AND ALCOHOL ARE NOT ALLOWED due to the school rules and regulations.

We will have designated food and drinks stalls on site - including a regulated alcohol tent!


What is forbidden at the event?


Your own alcohol - we have a regulated licensed bar on site!

Tents or gazeebos (unless you are a stall holder)


If any of these rules are breched then you will be asked to leave the event

XLR8 Performers Questions

My child attends an XLR8 class during the week, will they be performing at XLR8 FEST ?

Yes they will! All our XLR8 students will be performing at the event. They have been working on their routines/performances since January so will be well prepared.

Of course it is not compulsory to take part in the event but we do hope you'll consider it as it's going to be a FAB day for all the family!

I'm an XLR8 performer, what should i wear for the festival?

Please CLICK HERE for FULL costume & uniform order details

I'm performing on the day, what should I bring with me?

Wear: your XLR8 FEST COSTUME plus any XLR8 Uniform over the top to keep you warm!

Bring and wear: Your wristband - this MUST be worn. No wristband, no entry!

Your responsible parent/guardian for the day and of course all your other family members

Some pocket money to spend on our AMAZING stalls - crafts, food, snacks, drinks, go karts, activities and so much more..

Your biggest smiles

Your cameras - remember to tag us in and hastag any photos/videos #xlr8fest20

I'm performing, can I wear makeup for the Festival?

Absolutely, anything goes - the bolder the better!

Remember our theme this year is Back to the 90's! So think bright and bold!

Also remember your XLR8 PERFORMANCE wristband also entitles you to a free facepaint or Festival Glitter at our stall - come see us before your performance!

Will there be somewhere for me to get changed ready to perform or should I arrive ready to perform?

There will be a very limited amount of preparation space - particularly with the event being outdoors.

Please come ready with hair and make up done!

Remember, XLR8 performers wristbands include a FREE visit to our Facepaint and Festival Glitter stall. Be sure to arrive in plenty of time

Where will my child be performing?

We have a huge outdoor stage with an inflatable cover, you can't miss it!

How will my child know when they need to perform on the day?

Our fabulous DJ and Compare for the day - DJ-Ing will be annoucing the performances and who is required at the stage next.

Keep a listen out for your school and class to you don't miss out!

Remember to check your PERFORMANCE TIME SLOT for the day too.


What happens when it's my time to perform?

1. Our DJ Nathan will make an annoucement for your class and school over the speakers

2. Make your way over to the stage area with your grown ups and line up at the REGISTRATION STATION (this will be signposted on the day)

3. Your XLR8 Teachers will be waiting for you to take a register and tick off your names

4. Once registered you'll make your way onto the stage ready to perform

5. Any props/poms will be given to you here


7. Once your performance has finished you'll climb down from the stage and rejoin your grown up/families

My child is performing more than once - what happens?

All costumes are Pink & Blue so please arive in this.

Please check the RUNNING DAY ORDER to see when you'll be performing - we will try to keep similar classes in the same hour timeslot. But we'd love to have you with us all day!

I cannot get to the festival for the time you require me, what shall I do?

Please try arranging lift shares with other parents from your school/area to ensure your child is at the festival for the required times. 

You can view your specific performance time slot HERE

My child is performing but unfortunately we now can't attend the festival, what should we do?

Please let Lianne or your XLR8 teacher know ASAP if you are unable to attend the festival so we can arrange choreography and spacing accordingly.

If on the day of the festival you cannot attend then please contact Lianne direct by text - 07756 220152

Uniform & Costume Questions

How can I order XLR8 uniform for the Festival?

 Order your XLR8 Uniform Here

Please be aware that the deadline for XLR8 uniform orders is: FRIDAY 10TH APRIL 2020 - 5PM

Please CLICK HERE for FULL costume & uniform details

What is an XLR8 FEST T-shirt and do I have to purchase one?

It is not compulsory to order and wear an XLR8 FEST T-shirt. But it is a nice keepsake from the day!

The t-shirt will be White with the XLR8 FEST logo printed on the front - see image HERE

The back of the T-shirt will be left blank to add your own designs, name, signatures, drawings, glitter...whatever you fancy! Make it unique! 

 Order your XLR8 FEST T-shirt Here

Please be aware that the deadline for XLR8 uniform orders is: FRIDAY 10TH  APRIL 2020 - 5PM

Please CLICK HERE for FULL costume & uniform details. Plus items to wear if you do not wish to order a T-shirt.

How can I order my XLR8 FEST T-shirt?

 Order your XLR8 FEST T-shirt HERE

Please be aware that the deadline for ordering XLR8 Fest T-shirts is: FRIDAY 10TH APRIL 2020 - 5PM

Please CLICK HERE for FULL costume & uniform details

Where can I purchase my costumes from?

Please CLICK HERE for full costume list.

Places such as Primark, Asda, Tesco, Matalan, TK Maxx, Poundland, Hobbycraft etc are great to purchase items

Ebay and Amazon also have some great ideas - remember to order in time!

Costumes are kept as simple as possible and hopefully you may have some items already in your wardrobes.


Song, Music, Film & Photo Questions

Is XLR8 FEST being filmed and will their be a DVD of the day?

Unlike our previous XLR8 shows, XLR8 FEST will not have a professional company filming the performances. Therefore a DVD will not be available to purchase

However, we will be having one of our FABULOUS staff members taking photos, videos & interviews throughout the day to make a final XLR8 FEST video which will be available to view after the day! Keep an eye out for them!

Please note, by purchasing an XLR8 FEST wristband you give your consent to being photogrpahed and/or videoed during the day


What song(s) am I performing to and where can I find them to practice?

This year's theme is BACK TO THE 90'S!

All of our songs are by 90'S ARTISTS - we've selected a good mix!

If you'd like us to email you your song so you can practice at home please get in touch!

And remember to Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

Can I take photos and videos of my child at the event?

Yes you can! Remember to tag us on social media and use the hastag #xlr8fest20

Please note, by purchasing an XLR8 FEST wristband you give your consent to being photogrpahed and/or videoed during the day

We will also be having one of our fabulous XLR8 staff members taking photos, videos and conducting interviews throughout the day so keep your eys peeled for them!


Helpers, Advertisers, Stall Holders & Sponsoring Questions

I'd love to help out on the day, who should I contact?

We'd love some help at XLR8 FEST! Mainly with set up and tidying away but also with stalls during the day.

Please do get in touch and let us know what you're able to help out with


Will there be a programme of the day? And can I advertise in this?

Yes, we'll be having a programme for the day explaing a little more about what's going on, it'll also have the XLR8 Performers running order, details about our raffle prizes plus information on or stall holders and sponsors or the day.

We're looking for business' who want to advertise in the programme so do please get in touch and we can send you a booking form

We'll also be having a page of good luck messages for our performers - let us know if you'd like to add one in!

I'd love to advertise and/or sponsor the event, how can I do this?


Please do get in touch with us direct through our email and we can send you through further information and a booking form


I'd love to have a stall for my business, how can I do this and how much will they be?


Please do get in touch with us direct through our email and we can send you through further information and a booking form


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